Transgender Activists: Missing The Boat on Naming The Problem


Transgender activists have framed the issue of Male Violence against Trans people as something wholly different from Male Violence against Women. This is a missed opportunity for solidarity around the issue of Male Violence.

33 thoughts on “Transgender Activists: Missing The Boat on Naming The Problem

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  2. Danah Gaz

    I don’t understand. Weren’t you saying we were men? Now you’re upset because this isn’t reported as violence against women? I’m sorry, you’re spinning so fast that I just can’t keep up.

      1. Lithp

        I’m still confused. How is male violence against transpeople NOT a different issue from male violence against women, then?

      2. Lithp

        Okay, and? A perpetrator can only be male or female, and as you have indicated, something like 80% of perpetrators are male. That does not attest that the motivations of the crimes or the valid solutions are the same. And this is only counting crimes, legitimized violence (military & law enforcement) is also male-dominated, that certainly isn’t the same thing. I also question why you would even want them to be considered the same issue, doesn’t that sound a lot like the “you know, men are also attacked” derail?

      3. Lithp

        I didn’t question that, I questioned your assertion that the only legitimate way to counter violence is to do what you say, & that you know what’s good for transgenders better than they do. If that’s the best answer you’re going to give, then I guess we’re done here, but I’m not convinced, & I don’t think that anyone else is either.

      4. loveunderlaw

        How about not being sexist and trying to pin everything on men all of the time ? Men & women are EQUALLY as violent in spite of the lies from the Leftist progressive MSM. I’m all for stopping ANY violence towards the innocent, no matter what their sexuality is !

  3. Anonymous

    Oh hey look, more fucking trans-exclusive radical feminists calling trans women “men”.

    Go fuck yourselves.

  4. Silviu Iacob

    My opinion is that the way society wishes for masculinity to be represented in cis-men sets some unconscious triggers that are very similar in humans that exhibit male behaviors (be it cis-men, trans-women, trans-men or masculine-women),
    That’s why I agree with you that trans-women can be perpetrators of male violence. My point of view is influenced mainly from this web site >

  5. Anonymous

    TERFs need to do actual research on gender identity, not just in 1st world and western cultures, but in alternative, and third world cultures as well.

    North America and Europe are only a small portion of the earth. Most other countries actively support alternative gender identity, and expression. It’s even deeply embedded in their culture and way of life. Many cultures even have a third, or more genders.

    Also who are you to call someone like me, genetically a hermaphrodite, a male? What about those unfortunate enough to be ASSIGNED male at birth when born either as a hermaphrodite, or intersex? You can’t just say “oh you’re trans? MALE.”

    Lumping transgenders in with their genetic, or assigned gender is oppressive. The strive should be for gender equality, not cisfemale dominance.

    1. Gender Identity Harms Women

      Oh silly, silly man. Other cultures don’t think “third genders” are actually female.

      You’re not Intersex. You’re a man. We support gender nonconforming Men. We don’t think being gender nonconforming makes you female. Sorry.

  6. mirigam

    It’s obviously easier to blame, insult and attack women (especially one)(so courageous), easier to create useless acronyms like TERFs, easier to antagonize women and feminists, than adressing the real source of violences against them, the real transphobics who actually kill, rape and torture them : Other Men.
    So much energy wasted.

  7. Anonymous

    So much energy wasted on outing, attacking, and otherwise harrassing trans women instead of focusing on the real perpatraters as well don’t you think?

      1. Anonymous

        Right. A transwoman who disagrees with you is exactly the same as a man who murders a transwoman. I completely understand why you put them side by side on this blog.

  8. loveunderlaw

    They’re just women IMO, I don’t differentiate between them or “biological” women. Neither should you. They are just as deserving of love & friendship as anyone else, why not just see them as your fellow human beings ?

    The only one that you’re pleasing now is the evil Abrahamic “God”…

      1. loveunderlaw

        They’re most definitely NOT men according to their appearance or scientific evidence. Why do you Abrahamics have to concern yourselves with the sexual lives of others anyway ?

        That’s SO ******* weird & disturbing to a rational person there are NO words for it ! Ewwww 😦

  9. loveunderlaw

    Your limited perceptions no doubt come from a lifetime of instilled religious bigotry & your inability to escape their oppressive thought forms. Sad story of your life indeed 😦

      1. loveunderlaw

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