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Dana Rivers aka David Warfield

Dana Rivers is a man who identifies as a woman. He murdered a Lesbian couple and their son, allegedly over a “domestic dispute.” Rivers is not known to have lived with the murdered family so the “domestic dispute” motive seems unlikely.

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Ron Haskell


A Texas man accused of killing six people, including four children, was turned away by a teenager when he first went to the victims’ home, but he returned a short time later, kicked in the door, tied up the family and then shot them in the head execution style.

Killed were Stephen Stay, 39, who worked as a real estate agent for a company that he started with the help of his wife Katie Stay, 33, in late 2012. Two girls, ages 7 and 9, and two boys, ages 4 and 14, were killed alongside the Stays in the home. Their names have not been released.  Some of them are believed to be Haskell’s children.

Ron Haskell, 33, was charged with capital murder following his arrest after a long standoff with police in Spring, Texas.

Texas Shooter Kicked in Door, Tied Up Kids, Executed Them – ABC News.

Andrew Kehoe

imagesAndrew Philip Kehoe killed his wife by blowing up their home and farm, as well as killing 43 other people, mostly children, and injuring 58 in setting off bombs in the Bath School Disaster on May 18, 1927. He killed himself in one of the explosions at the school, when he set off dynamite in his car.

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