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Dr. John Wolf

1528969590588462369John Wolf, a New York City dentist and AIDS activist, is facing multiple charges. They include: possession of child pornography; trading dental work for drugs; trading dental work for drugs; sexual intercourse with animals; and knowingly attempting to infect someone with HIV.

News Report

Martin MacNeill

utrb1021-e1412022881442Martin MacNeill, a doctor, murdered his wife by administering an overdose of drugs while she recovered from surgery and drowning her in the bath. He left her body there for their five year old daughter to find. He was also convicted of forcible sex abuse.

Doctor convicted of killing wife is appealing sentence of up to life in prison _ fox13now

Kelly Burton Thrasher

THRASHER-KELLYA doctor already charged for the sexual assault of a patient and molesting a juvenile has been re-arrested for practicing medicine without a license. Kelly Burton Thrasher’s medical license has been suspended since he was arrested in connections with the two separate incidents.

Sandy Springs sexual assault suspect re-arrested – Reporter Newspapers