Susan Brownmiller on Naming the Problem: Male Violence


17 thoughts on “Susan Brownmiller on Naming the Problem: Male Violence

      1. timetravellingfool

        I know of her, and I am not referring to her when I say the above argument has been used to excuse violence against women. I am referring to court decisions, popular culture, that old axiom ‘boys will be boys’, evolutionary psychologists, biological determinists- left floating on a page without context it looks like she means men are biologically driven to commit violence against women.

      2. timetravellingfool

        And she is your inspiration? Some of these dudes are just accused. Are some acquitted? And the inclusion of ‘war criminals’- is it your premise men are biologically predisposed to violence?

    1. Ann Tagonist

      Some feminists think male violence is rooted in biology. Some think it’s entirely socially constructed. Some think it is a mixture of the two. That’s not the point. The point is it’s happening and it’s the huge fucking elephant in the room. You cannot prove male violence is not biologically innate so why bother trying to argue it?

      1. timetravellingfool

        Well I can’t prove a negative, but I think I pointed out pretty clearly why it is important to argue the point- men have been excused for acts of violence for years because they are seen as innately more aggressive and therefore couldn’t help themselves. This also begs the question, if a woman commits an act of violence, is she not somehow more culpable than a man would be because she doesn’t have that innate biological drive to commit violence? Further, if we put a name to this drive towards violence- aggression- wouldn’t it make sense to bar women from fields where aggression and the ability to commit violence may be an important factor in your role e.g. soldier, police officer, pro-fighter, etc.

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