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Emmanuel Emil Bailey

Emmnanuel+Bailey+McLennan+StingBailey is charged with transporting persons for prostitution and other violations of the Mann Act, which prohibits taking persons across state lines for the purpose of prostitution, court records show.

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Robert James Spells


Robert James Spells was charged with shooting a 21-year-old transgender woman during a robbery and forcing an 11-year-old girl into prostitution, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. Spells was also charged with six other felonies including second-degree robbery, offering the child to men for sex and two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Man charged in killing, robbery of transgender woman and rape of 11-year-old girl – LA Times

Raymond Hawthorne

Raymond Hawthorne (22/02/1964), of no fixed address, admitted controlling a child prostitute, controlling prostitution for gain (in relation to adult prostitutes he was controlling) as well as breaches of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) and sex offender registration.

At Bolton Crown Court today, Friday 6 June 2014, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison with five years on extended license .

In 2003 Hawthorne ‘bought’ a 14-year-old boy, who he prostituted up to eight times a day over a week long period, while also controlling men who he prostituted by advertising their services through printed publications such as Loot, taking as much as a 70% cut of any money paid to them.

He was subsequently convicted of child abduction and conspiracy to commit indecent assault on a child, for which he was given a sentence of seven years in jail. This was later extended to nine years on appeal.

David Rodriguez Jr.


David Rodriguez Jr., 37, and Christina Marie Harper, 39, both of Pleasant Hill, and Ambre Tubbs Lomas, 39, of Shreveport, have been arrested for allegedly keeping a transgender woman as a slave in the Ajax area of Natchitoches Parish. According to investigators, the victim was held captive, tortured and forced to perform menial tasks and sexual acts. NPSO received a report Saturday night from a Robeline assistant town marshal that he had come in contact with a person who had a logging chain wrapped around her near the intersection of Interstate 49 and Louisiana 6 West near Natchitoches.

As investigators built the case, they formed a grim picture of what allegedly happened. The victim, an out-of-state resident, met Rodriguez and Harper online and agreed to voluntarily move into their home several months ago. While living with the couple, Rodriguez made the victim turn over all cash and relinquish ownership of a 1999 Harley Davidson motorcycle to him. Soon afterward, the victim was tattooed by Rodriguez and registered as a slave on a website.

Three arrested for human trafficking in Natchitoches Parish.

Robert Felix Gonzales

628x471A Broomfield man was charged Thursday with prostituting a teenage runaway for nearly two years, offering her through Craigslist in exchange for cash and methamphetamine.

Robert Felix Gonzales, 39, is accused of multiple violent and sex crimes, including trafficking in children, sexual assault on a child and soliciting for child prostitution.

Investigators say he met the girl in 2011 when she was 14 and living with a foster family. He’s accused of having sex with her, beating her, giving her drugs and alcohol and pimping her.

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