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Emanual Martinez

201511565caf96757bdOrange police say Emanual Martinez, 22, of Boston Avenue in East Haven surrendered himself at Orange Police headquarters at 7 a.m. Monday after learning of a warrant for his arrest.

The warrant stemmed from an incident on Nov. 5. During that incident, Martinez used social media to allegedly taunt and harass the victim of a sexual assault regarding what happened to her, police said.

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Graham “Sue” Pascoe @suepascoe001

2A93B47B00000578-3163747-image-a-28_1437046738453 2A93B48B00000578-3163747-image-a-34_1437046808487Graham Pascoe is a man who identifies as a woman named Sue. He spends his spare time killing defenseless foxes, filing false police reports on old women who dare to express the opinion that penises are male, and harassing women on the internet. He also seems to think that 59% of women have male chromosomes.


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Brian Blankenship

brian-blankenship-435Federal agents have arrested a Georgia man who they contend threatened to murder an adult film star in numerous emails and online video posts.

Brian Blankenship, a 25-year-old man from Columbus, Georgia, has been charged with transmitting in interstate commerce a communication threatening to injure an identified individual.

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