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Prezymyslaw Kaluzny

233470678Prezymyslaw Kaluzny stripped naked and ran into a toy store where he attempted to abduct a six year old boy and assaulted the boy’s grandmother with a cricket bat.

He has previously served a series of jail terms in his homeland of Poland for violent offences, including a four-and-a-half year sentence for robbery and 10 months for hostage taking.

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Judge Bryant L. Cochran

1211_web_b_cochran_3240101109_t755_h6333f1b19af313886493f16da920ac0797b6d81fA chief magistrate judge in Murray County, Georgia, was sentenced to five years in federal prison for framing a woman who turned down his sexual advances.

Chief Magistrate Judge Bryant L. Cochran met with Angela Garmley regarding a routine legal matter, according to a news release issued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

During the meeting, Cochran made inappropriate sexual advances towards Garmley, including an offer to trade sex for a favorable legal ruling.

After Garmley turned Cochran down, the judge conspired with his tenant to plant drugs in Garmley’s car and have her arrested, the news release stated.

According to investigators, the tenant planted a metal tin containing five packets of methamphetamine under the fender of Garmley’s car.

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Adrian McGee

Adrian McGeeAdrian McGee is suspected of aggravated murder for causing Danielle Michaels’ death immediately after committing or attempting to commit the rape and kidnapping of Michaels. McGee allegedly forced or used the threat of force to make Michaels engage in sexual conduct and kept Michaels from leaving the scene.

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