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Judge Bryant L. Cochran

1211_web_b_cochran_3240101109_t755_h6333f1b19af313886493f16da920ac0797b6d81fA chief magistrate judge in Murray County, Georgia, was sentenced to five years in federal prison for framing a woman who turned down his sexual advances.

Chief Magistrate Judge Bryant L. Cochran met with Angela Garmley regarding a routine legal matter, according to a news release issued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

During the meeting, Cochran made inappropriate sexual advances towards Garmley, including an offer to trade sex for a favorable legal ruling.

After Garmley turned Cochran down, the judge conspired with his tenant to plant drugs in Garmley’s car and have her arrested, the news release stated.

According to investigators, the tenant planted a metal tin containing five packets of methamphetamine under the fender of Garmley’s car.

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Kevin Bollaert

Kevin-Bollaert arraignment_1390073549124_2047501_ver1.0_320_240Kevin Bollaert was convicted of six counts of extortion. He created a website inviting men to post pornographic pictures of their ex girlfriends as ‘revenge’ for choosing not to be with them any more. He then created another website offering to take down the pictures for a fee.

‘Revenge porn’ Web site creator convicted; he victimized thousands of women – The Washington Post

Seamus P. McCaffery


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court suspended Justice Seamus P. McCaffery amid allegations that he sent pornographic e-mails and threatened to entangle a fellow justice in the widening scandal after vowing not to go “down alone.”

In a sharply worded order, four of the seven justices, citing an “immediate need” to protect the integrity of the state’s courts, suspended McCaffery with pay on “an interim basis” from his $200,205-a-year job.

The court also ordered the state’s Judicial Conduct Board to determine within 30 days if there is probable cause to file formal misconduct charges against the justice. The board handles judicial ethics complaints and has launched an investigation into McCaffery’s e-mails.

“In my two decades of experience on this court, no other justice . . . has done as much to bring the Supreme Court into disrepute,” Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille wrote in a statement released with the order. “No other justice has failed to live up to the high ethical demands required of a justice of this court or has been the constant focus of ethical lapses to the degree of Justice McCaffery.”

McCaffery, 64, a former Marine and Philadelphia police officer, has apologized for sending sexually explicit e-mails, saying crude language and jokes were part of the vernacular of military and law enforcement. But he has described the messages as personal and private e-mails among friends, while condemning Castille, a longtime rival, for what he called a “vindictive pattern of attacks” against him, including the push for his suspension.


Supreme Court suspends McCaffery over porn e-mails – Philly.

Jordan Andrews


Jordan Andrews blackmailed young teenage girls to send him naked photos of themselves by threatening to reveal their secrets if they refused.

Man blackmailed young girls to send him naked pictures of themselves by threatening to reveal their secrets – Wales Online.

Doug Sedenquist

Doug Sedenquist

A member of the Michigan Republican Party’s central committee who is facing criminal charges in Wisconsin spent the Thanksgiving weekend in jail in the Upper Peninsula, charged with felonies in Michigan.

Doug Sedenquist, 51, of Escanaba was arrested and charged with extortion, using a computer to commit a crime, aggravated stalking and possession of a drug chemically similar to a controlled substance, Delta County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Philip Strom said today.

Michigan tea party activist faces charges of extortion, stalking, drug possession | Detroit Free Press |


Anthony O’Connor

4191734624Anthony O’Connor pretended to be a lesbian named Susan on the internet so he could trick a schoolgirl into sending him nude pictures of herself. He then used these images to extort her to commit further sexual acts. He was sentenced to fourteen years and eight months in prison.

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Alex Ernesto Calderon Velasquez

Calderon-VelasquezAlex Ernesto Calderon Velasquez, 27, of Reston, was sentenced Thursday (Nov. 7) by United States District Judge Anthony J. Trenga to 192 months in prison for production of child pornography and failure to appear in court as required.

Calderon Velasquez pleaded guilty on July 25, 2013.  According to court documents, Calderon Velasquez used his computer to communicate with a 14-year-old girl in Texas, referred to as Minor A. In about September 2012, Calderon Velasquez sexually groomed and then extorted the victim to strip and engage in sexual activity over Skype chats, which Calderon Velasquez recorded and kept on his computer along with other child pornography.

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