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Dr. John Wolf

1528969590588462369John Wolf, a New York City dentist and AIDS activist, is facing multiple charges. They include: possession of child pornography; trading dental work for drugs; trading dental work for drugs; sexual intercourse with animals; and knowingly attempting to infect someone with HIV.

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Donovan E. Mackey

web1_Donovan-Mackey-4-14-15A city man convicted of stuffing his girlfriend’s cat in a washing machine before placing it in a bed sheet and repeatedly bashing it against a wall was sentenced on animal cruelty charges Thursday in Luzerne County Court.

Donovan E. Mackey, 21, received 6 to 18 months from Judge David W. Lupas, who cited the “extreme cruelty” of the killing in his decision to hand down the maximum sentence allowed for animal cruelty cases under the current state Humane Act.

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Graham “Sue” Pascoe @suepascoe001

2A93B47B00000578-3163747-image-a-28_1437046738453 2A93B48B00000578-3163747-image-a-34_1437046808487Graham Pascoe is a man who identifies as a woman named Sue. He spends his spare time killing defenseless foxes, filing false police reports on old women who dare to express the opinion that penises are male, and harassing women on the internet. He also seems to think that 59% of women have male chromosomes.


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James Allen Darland

31e78d49-7fe2-4331-b41a-65121bf4f6c8-large16x9_CourtesyMaricopaCountySheriffsOfficeDetectives in Maricopa County say 56-year-old James Allen Darland thought he was chatting with a fellow bestiality enthusiast when he contacted an undercover detective online to arrange for “sexual liaisons with various farm animals in exchange for sex with his own personal dog,” according to the sheriff’s office.

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