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Dana Rivers aka David Warfield

Dana Rivers is a man who identifies as a woman. He murdered a Lesbian couple and their son, allegedly over a “domestic dispute.” Rivers is not known to have lived with the murdered family so the “domestic dispute” motive seems unlikely.

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Isabel Rosa Araujo aka Phillip Vincent Haskins-Delici

13729195_153124698444395_6354047005012090121_nPhillip Vincent Haskins-Delici is a white man who identifies as a Latina woman. He has a long history of violence against women.

isabel rosaHere he is admitting he was once suspected of murder.

isabel rosa 2These are his tattoos.

isabel rosa 3Here he is admitting spraying a homeless man with mace.isabel rosa 5Here he is bragging about throwing food over a homeless man who was unable to retaliate. This incident led him to secure a place at a refuge for women fleeing male violence.

isabel rosa 4Here he is gloating about having vulnerable women tossed into the street for knowing he’s a man.

isabel rosa 6Some further information.