5000th Post

This blog has been active for just under 3 years and two months. I’ve done some math and it works out that we blog around 130 bad guys every month. That’s 4.3 every day and it’s not even a drop in the ocean.

To produce content for this blog, the contributors have Google Alerts sent to their email inboxes and we try to only use cases where an image of the perpetrator is available. When making a post, we’ll categorize it by the type of crime. Our most populated category is Murder, closely followed by Child Rape and Domestic Violence. Most crimes will fall into more than one category. We will also usually tag the posts with the location of the crime (ie California, USA, England), the relation of the perpetrator to the victim(s) (ie stepfather, husband, jilted ex-boyfriend), and any other relevant information (ie if the perpetrator identifies as a woman, committed a hate crime, or participated in the buying or selling of human beings). We will also record whether the victim was male, female, or transgender.

We started this blog with the intention of opening up a conversation around – and Naming the Problem of – Male Violence. I think we’ve achieved that. Almost a quarter of a million people have visited this blog from every continent in the world.

We talk about how 1 in 3 women will be sexually assaulted at some point in their lives. We rarely talk about who’s sexually assaulting them. We talk about Counting Dead Women but we don’t talk about who’s killing them. We call it mental illness, or gun violence, or terrorism, or desperation but the truth is men commit more than 90% of homicides in the United States, 99% of female victims and 85% of male victims were raped by a man. Almost every single person who shot up a school or a mall or a movie theater has been a man. There’s a pattern here.

Men are responsible for stopping Male Violence. Right now, they’re mostly pretending it doesn’t exist.

If you are reading this and consider yourself a male feminist ally, perhaps consider volunteering to contribute to this blog. This is heavy work for women. We live with Male Violence in the world already.


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