Graham “Sue” Pascoe @suepascoe001

2A93B47B00000578-3163747-image-a-28_1437046738453 2A93B48B00000578-3163747-image-a-34_1437046808487Graham Pascoe is a man who identifies as a woman named Sue. He spends his spare time killing defenseless foxes, filing false police reports on old women who dare to express the opinion that penises are male, and harassing women on the internet. He also seems to think that 59% of women have male chromosomes.


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4 thoughts on “Graham “Sue” Pascoe @suepascoe001

  1. Musician

    He’s mentally challenged. Seeing the female chromosome is X, wouldn’t 100% of men have it? I bet if you scanned musician’s brains, be they female or male, they would look much the same.

  2. Bluecat

    “Glamorous” according to the Daily Mail… I think they mean rich and reactionary.

    Oh, and London taxi drivers who have done “the knowledge” develop an enlargement of the visual/spacial area of the brain, which proves that they have some GPS DNA…

  3. Lavender Blume

    It should also be noted that this man blamed the fact that he almost strangled his wife to death on his feelings of frustration resulting from his being ‘trapped’ in the ‘wrong’ body – the same manly body he used to abuse a woman, incidentally. Since he believes himself to be a victim of ‘cis’ people who won’t validate his newfangled identity as a woman, he hopes to be excused from his behaviour because it’s not his fault after all, and it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the male supremacist socialization he received and the violence that this socialization produces.

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