Jim Becker & Baltimore OUTloud @BaltOUTloud AfterEllen.com @afterellen (USA)

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Jim Becker is an attorney in Baltimore, Maryland who is the Executive Editor Baltimore OUTLoud, a Baltimore GLBT newspaper. In September, Becker contacted Cathy Brennan for comment about a lawsuit she filed against these defendants, including AfterEllen’s parent company, for defamation. Brennan declined to speak to Becker.

Now, Baltimore OUTLoud has written an “op-ed” that both chastizes Brennan for filing a lawsuit for defamation (which, by the way, is the right of any person in this country who has a cause of action) and supports pedophilia by Gay men against male children.


Becker associated himself with David Thorstad, a NAMBLA leader, in the late 1970s. Jim is also featured on the NAMBLA website here.12038056_1063170633702892_3254090561584604418_n

The primary source of Baltimore OUTloud income is advertising provided by Rivendell Media, this would include those delightful beer and vodka ads and the ads from pharmaceutical firms. Without that advertising, the paper would likely cease to exist. If you would…

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