Liam “Natalia” Verne wants to kill you.


Liam “Natalia” Verne, a male who identifies as a trans woman, has some history in attempting to censor people he disagrees with, as he was responsible for a starting a petition to silence females and lesbians by shutting down @GIDWatch :

Yesterday Natalia decided to stop by the “Homosexuals not Homogenderuals” Facebook page to give us a piece of his violent and abusive mind. Demanding we delete our page and even our life (which seems to be saying “you should kill yourself”.) and calls us violent without seeing the Irony of his abusive comment.


We responded simply by outing the abuse and posting a screenshot of what Liam had sent us along with some pictures we will share here. Which triggered a violent FB status update in which Delusional Liam states that he is going to “kill every TERF”. 



He had many of his friends come and report the…

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