Paul O’Hara

_75937971_pauloharaIn 1998, Paul O’Hara was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his girlfriend. In 2013. O’Hara was released on license. One year later, he burst into his girlfriend’s flat where she was giving a report about him to two police officers. After wounding the police officers with a hammer, O’Hara chased his girlfriend out on to the street where he stabbed her to death. He has been sentenced to life in prison. Again.

BBC News – Paul O’Hara jailed for whole-life term over second girlfriend’s murder

One thought on “Paul O’Hara

  1. jane adams

    I could have told the authorities this over 21 years ago when he attacked me, I had never clapped eyes on the psychopath before he attacked me, oh and the police officer who arrested him told me what a nice bloke he was i’m sickened to my stomach, the judiciary are a joke ,
    RIP these poor ladies. My heart goes out to the families of these poor women.
    This could have been avoided

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