Trans Feminism in Action!

.@dana_sudo is a violent creep.

Privilege Denying Tranny

Ugh, Dana what the fuck his face. Also known as Caprica 6 (lol) and  Miss Sudo Khaleesi fancies zierself a feminist, but look at all this awesome feminist action he did today on his twitter feed…


Dana the feminist acts pretty damn male when he’s insulting other people…


Cause calling people “Pussy” “Bitch” “Dickless” telling someone to “shut the fuck up” and that they would “cower before me etc etc is totes feminist right! Wow sounds very much how a MAN would react. I guess Dana decided to take a break from being triggered and nearly committing suicide to have a male freakout on the net.  It’s so lulz. It’s so creepy that he’s telling someone that they would “cower before” him.

But there’s more!


Dude, you are right. There isn’t enough treatment in the world to get your crazy ass together.  I suggest his shrink starts by looking at…

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