Rob Ford launches legal action over prostitution and crack claims in profane media scrum

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Warning: Graphic language, details

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne indicated the province is willing to step in if Toronto City Council asks for help in dealing with Mayor Rob Ford.

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• Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne opens door to taking action on Ford
• Mayor Ford threatens legal action against former staffers over drug and prostitution claims
• Ford stuns media with ‘degrading’ comments about his alleged verbal abuse of female city hall staffer
• Mayor apologizes with wife by his side, pushes his way through media
• Toronto Argonauts ‘disappointed’ Ford was wearing team’s jersey when he made the remarks
• Councillors turn back on mayor in city hall council chamber, renew calls for Ford to step aside
• Mayor admits to occasionally drinking and driving after latest claims in new police document


“The things we are seeing and hearing about Mayor Rob Ford are…

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