Micah Nathaniel Reno


Micah Nathaniel Reno is charged with kidnapping, human trafficking, second-degree sexual assault, pandering/pimping and keeping a place of prostitution.

In May, a woman made a sign that said “Homeless and Hungry” and was walking with the sign in the area of W. Lincoln Ave. and S. 15th St. in Milwaukee when a car slowed and Reno told her to come with him, according to the complaint.

The woman declined, but Reno got out the car, grabbed her and pushed her into the vehicle. He threatened to kill her if she tried to leave the car and drove her to the Rodeway Inn on S. 27th St. There, he told her to inject heroin because the drug would be the only way for her to deal with what came next.

Reno took photos of her and posted them on an online site known to advertise prostitutes. He forced the woman to prostitute herself and took the money she made. He also continued to provide her heroin and would withhold it until she engaged in prostitution, court documents state.

He beat and sexually assaulted the woman before she was able to escape weeks later.

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