Bryan Michael Wiedeman

Meet Bryan Michael Wiedeman, 25.


He also goes by paxblueribbon, Paxana Non Grata and Paxana Parsons.

Yanno, Pax is Latin for peace, so I would think he’d be a peaceful sort.

Um, no.

As part of Occupy Portland, Bryan “took over” (cough *stole* cough)  a house from a 66-year-old African-American woman named Gloria Canson (WATCH THE VIDEO).

“When I came to the door and I spoke to Bryan, he told me that we live here, we’re renting this house,” said Ms. Canson.

“Don’t take advantage of the people you’re supposed to be helping,” Canson, cool and collected, told them. “And don’t hide behind the premise that it is ethically and morally wrong for the banks to throw you out. Because what you’re doing is equally as reprehensible.”

Bryan is into Occupying Other People’s Space!  Apparently, “Intersectionality” now means White Guys who say their dick is female “taking over” houses from African-American Women.

When he’s not busy “taking over” houses owned by African-American Women, Wiedeman is apparently busy smashing ATMs.

He was arrested in 2012 in Portland on 72 felony counts of vandalizing ATMs.

Yanno, because he’s an anarchist.

Bryan accepted a plea in the fall of 2012 for his ATM-bashing that apparently included 5 years supervised probation, 20 days of weekend jail, 80 hours of community service, and $43,084.59 in restitution.  He doesn’t think this plea is much of a big deal (I mean, I am not an anarchist, but that seems like A LOT OF MONEY AND TIME).

He was also ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and any recommended treatment that comes as a result of it.

What’s Bryan up to these days?

Well, he is one of the “trans allies”/”trans people” who expressed SUPPORT for the violence perpetrated against Women from Deep Green Resistance after Trans People attacked them at a conference in Portland.

Yanno, because DGR has an actual analysis of Gender as an oppressive tool that harms Women.

Pax seems like an oppressive tool as well.

This does not seem very Pax-able.

Women, Pax wants you to Respect Gender Experience or Expect Resistance.

“Resistance” looks a whole like aggressively accosting people who don’t accept your dick as Female, Bryan.

That looks a whole lot like harassment.

That seems a whole lot like violating the terms of your probation, which I am GUESSING also included “obeying the laws of Oregon.”

Women have a right to know who you are, Bryan.

Women have a right to see you as the entitled Man that you are, telling Women we are bigots for knowing you’re a guy, smashing things, and taking houses from 66-year-old African-American Women.

You’re not a Woman, Bryan. You’re a guy.

Stop harassing Women for knowing the difference.