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    Women targeted as teens for sex trafficking. Traffickers target teen, pre-teen, girls [and we had a ten year old get snached from Northridge for trafficing]..

    They cant control and intimidate adult women who are old ‘pros’, and old pros ‘bitch’ about their share of the money -this is why they want children that they can intimidate and imprison to satisfy and sell pornified fantasies other males.

    They did not choose to be held at a house and raped.

    Say what you will about ‘feman’ but this is the first group of women to say something about the young females being kidnapped from the eastern Europe countryside to be forced to work as ‘legal’ prostitutes in legal places. This is also happened in Australia, the traffickers find ways to take over legal houses and bring in their own girls.

    SWOP wants to ‘decriminalize prostitution and protect dirtbag pimps like this and they want to make the situation of him being a protected ‘as a sexworker too’. When they chant for ‘sexworker’ rights, they are including male pimps. This will create a situation of many more female children being abducted, victimized and having to prove in court years later after escape, they were not runaways trying to be sexworkers at their own choice.

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