Greg Jackson (aka @Onision)

Greg Jackson is a 31 year old YouTuber who goes by the name of Onision. He has a forum where he solicits girls as young as 11 to post semi nude pictures of themselves so he can make videos judging their bodies. He is known for filming his ex girlfriend (a teenage girl) having a mental breakdown and posting it on his YouTube channel. He married his current wife, Lainey, when she was just 17 and has recently introduced another teenage girl into their “polyamorous” relationship. He also has a 16 year old girl living in his house but it’s unclear what their relationship is. Given Jackson’s history, it’s highly likely he’s grooming her to be his next victim.

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Dana Rivers aka David Warfield

Dana Rivers is a man who identifies as a woman. He murdered a Lesbian couple and their son, allegedly over a “domestic dispute.” Rivers is not known to have lived with the murdered family so the “domestic dispute” motive seems unlikely.

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